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What better gift than a rejuvenating session at Myrah Spa?

There is an essential difference between gifting something that is material as compared to something that is experiential. One gratifies a corporeal need, while the other is an experience of pleasure and deep wellbeing. It is a gift - the memory of which will last a long time.

Gifting an experience at the Myrah Spa is a great way to reward your near and dear ones, with something that will leave them feeling great! You can choose from any of the varied experiences and therapies that we offer. You can choose to gift a lumpsum amount that can be exchanged for services, or choose a specific service to gift.

There can be no better gift than the sense of wellness and wellbeing!

A gift voucher at Myrah Spa is a guarantee that the recipient will emerge out of the spa experience feeling on top of the world.

It will obviously be a gift that will be remembered for long.

We have Gift Vouchers at a variety of price points commensurate with our wide range of massages, and other therapies.

Choose the one that you think your recipient would love and leave the rest to us.

What is a Myrah Spa Gift Voucher?

It is a prepaid entitlement that you can gift to your near and dear friends/family or relatives. The voucher is valid for a specific value or service, and the recipient can avail of any of the spa experiences within the said amount. It will be your gift of “an experience at the Spa” to them.

Where will the Myrah Gift Vouchers be valid?

The Myrah Spa Gift Vouchers will be valid and accepted at our Juhu and Marine Drive Spa locations.

What amount should I choose as a gift?

That is entirely up to you. You can browse our spa experiences and choose both the experience and the value you want to gift.

How long will it take to receive the Printed Gift Vouchers?

Printed Gift Vouchers are available for sale exclusively at our Spa locations.

When you make an online booking for a Gift Voucher, we will email you an e-Gift Voucher.

Can I opt for an Email Gift Voucher instead?

We issue e-Gift Vouchers when you do an online purchase and these will be sent by email in approximately 48 hours (This accounts for the time required to receive credit for your transaction).

What is the validity of the Gift Vouchers?

Myrah Spa Gift Vouchers are valid for 6 months from the date of purchase.

Are these Gift Vouchers transferable?

Yes, they are transferable.

Can anyone living abroad purchase E-Gift Vouchers?

Yes for sure, anyone, anywhere can purchase Myrah Spa E-Gift Vouchers. But International payments need to be made by PayPal.  Vouchers will be mailed once we receive credit for your payment, which normally takes 5 working days.

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